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What are the materials used for the hydraulic construction of the bathroom in Lubbock Texas

What are the materials used for the hydraulic construction of the bathroom in Lubbock Texas

As stated above, some materials will be needed to make the bathroom plumbing, namely:

  • ready-made easel kits;
  • Pipe resistance
  • Buoy with registration;
  • Metal or PVC piping;
  • Faucets;
  • Bathroom sinks;
  • Grates and grates;
  • Toilets and seats;
  • Showers or showers.
  • In addition to the items mentioned above, you will also need:
  • Cement;
  • Floors and coverings;
  • Mortar;
  • Paints;
  • Painting accessories.

Water Piping and Records in Lubbock Texas:

Now it’s time to connect the pipe that connects the water tank to the rest of the house: bathroom, kitchen, outdoor area, and other rooms. Insert a register at the outlet of the pipes for greater control.

It is worth mentioning that we have two types of pipes in the bathroom, the water inlet pipes (brown pipes with thicker walls) and the sewage outlet types (white pipes).

For toilets with a flush tank, you can use a ¾-inch pipe that comes out of the water tank. As for models with a pressure valve, prefer the 1 and ½ inch tube. The rest of the water intake system can be piped to ¾” or you can reduce to ½” in ​​items such as the bathroom sink, washbasin and bidet. Click Here for Emergency Plumbing in Lubbock Texas

There are two important valves in the bathroom, each with its own function and specific characteristics:

Drawer valve: it is a hydraulic valve whose function is to interrupt the complete flow of water in a network. For that reason it only works in two modes: either fully open or fully closed. It is usually installed between 1.80 m and 1.90 m from the already installed floor. As its function is to stop the flow of water in times of more urgency or for maintenance, this height allows for easy handling.

Pressure Valve: it is the register used to open and close the shower. The shower pressure recorder is the recorder used daily by everyone who frequents these environments, so it was developed to withstand many opening and closing cycles.

Each record must be installed according to its characteristics and functionality.

Sewer pipes and drains:

All pipes, especially those on the floor, must be installed before finishing, before installing floors, porcelain tiles, and bathroom coverings. Take care to connect these tubes to the siphoned drains that prevent the proliferation of bad odors from the sewer that comes out of this housing environment.

Place a layer of at least 8 cm of lean concrete on the floor to form the subfloor;

The toilet should use 100 mm pipes;

Be sure to create the correct drape to drain the water. The ideal trim is 2% and the minimum is 1%.

To carry out the installation of the hydraulic items that make up the sewage installations in a bathroom, such as sinks and the like, it is necessary to follow some height rules about the floor. Some of these rules are:

30 cm – Toilet bowl
50 cm – Bathtub
60 cm – Washbasin
15 cm – Bidet
210 to 239 cm – Shower
120 cm – Common discharge
Regarding the hydraulic installation, include 20cm for the water point of the coupled box.

Hydraulic plant:

The hydraulic plant is a project that allows the analysis of how the bathroom’s hydraulic installations will be. It is necessary so that the position of each item is according to plan. In addition to helping you to idealize a good functioning according to the rest of the work and carry out subsequent maintenance without damaging the ducts that are embedded in the wall. Consult here for water leak in Lubbock texas