How to Do drain pipe Plumbing in Lubbock Texas Area?

Bathroom Plumbing in Lubbock Texas

Before worrying about how to install bathroom plumbing, it is important to know what it is and what it is for.

Bathroom plumbing is a system that supplies, distributes, and drains the water in homes. Having the function of capturing, transporting, and storing water.

What is the recommended drain pipe used by Plumber in Lubbock Texas Area?

PVC pipes are the most used for sewer plumbing because they offer several advantages. One of them is the fact that they are lighter, which facilitates handling on-site and allows the tube to be longer, avoiding splices and tubes. Another thing is that normally these tubes are 100mm by the technical standards for toilet drainage. Click Here for Drain Cleaning in Lubbock Texas Area

What is the purpose of breathing in the bathroom according to the standard design of Lubbock Texas?

Another fundamental measure to prevent the unpleasant odor of gases from returning to the property is the use of a ventilation device known as a “breather”, an air outlet connected to the sewer pipe and directed to the roof of the property.

Understanding the water tank size in Lubbock Texas:

The water tank is responsible for supplying the street during a lack of water, guarantees the potability of the water, and allows for proper inspection and maintenance. To fill it, it is necessary to analyze the need to install pumps or ensure that gravity itself does the work, since it must be located in an elevated place with a sufficient water column for the desired pressure at the outlets of the faucets and the shower. The water tank will be important for the whole house, not just for the bathroom installation.

For the installation of the water tank, you will need some materials and resources, such as:

Installation of the easel kit – which will be used to connect the water meter of the company that distributes the water to the residence’s water tank.

Connect the easel and the water tank to receive water at the storage location. Also use the piping system that will be responsible for taking the water from the hydrometer to the water tank;

You should pay attention to installing the water tank at the highest point of the house for better water distribution.

Install the level float inside the water tank and the valve in the water outlet of the box;

Make an outlet that should be reserved for a 1 and 1/2 inch pipe if the toilet uses a hydra valve and another for a 3/4″ pipe for the rest of the house.

I have no pressure in the water outlets in the bathroom. What can I do?

The most direct answer to this situation would be to install the water tank in a higher location or to build a tower for this purpose. However, they are very costly solutions, which demand an investment of time and money. An alternative, but which often contributes significantly to the increase in pressure, is the installation of a device called a TRANSFER VALVE or TUCKER between the float and the outlet of the Water Tank.

The concept of the TRANSFER VALVE is to allow the use of street water whenever it is available. In this way, it is possible to take advantage of the supply pressure, which in normal operating periods is very frequent. Unfortunately, in times of drought, a reduction in supply capacity is normal and when there is no water coming through the system, the pressure drops again.

Another possibility is the use of pressurizers. The pressurizers maintain constant pressure in the hydraulic network at all times, whether there is consumption or not. In this way, whenever there is a pressure drop, the system is activated until reaching the ideal flow rate and automatically turns off when the pressure is restored. As it is a system that consumes energy, you will increase the pressure, however, in addition to the price of the equipment and installation, an increase in the electricity bill must be considered.

You can use both systems simultaneously in certain cases. For this analysis, we always recommend consulting a specialized professional. Click Here for Residential Plumbing Lubbock Texas Area