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If you’re a millennial lesbian looking for love , you’ve probably tried general hookup apps and more specialized lesbian apps. The problem with apps is that you probably won’t find the love of your life there. It’s hard enough to find a genuine lesbian single on some sites. We’re sure you’ve already matched all the new girls in town looking for friends and women looking for a third to spice things up with their boyfriend – let alone a relationship.

For a long term relationship

If you’re looking for a long-term relationship – or even just a non-judgmental place specifically designed for lesbian singles. The women between women site is what you want. Here the profiles are more comprehensive so you quickly realize if someone is for you, intentions are clear so you don’t waste your precious time and filters are applied so you can avoid browsing thousands of unmatched profiles .

Love doesn’t end at 30. If you’re a single lesbian over 50, it seems a lot harder to find one where all of your friends are in a serious relationship and you don’t really feel like going to a club on your own anymore. Luckily, the best senior dating sites have a gay-friendly section entirely dedicated to the LGBT+ community to contact gay people for relationships .

In general, the best dating sites will be able to cater to all audiences, regardless of sexual orientation. The downside is that they aren’t always made by gay women for gay women, but they can offer some great features that smaller specialty sites don’t. They are also extremely popular, so you can take advantage of their huge pool of members.

Discover the specialized sites

That’s why we’ve rounded up the best dating sites for gay women, including specialist platforms and more general online dating giants with an eye for the LGBT+ community. If you’re still unsure, you can read individual dating site reviews of some sites in detail before you start, or let us do the hard work and just skip to one of our dating site comparisons.

Lesbian Dating Tips

Depending on what you’re looking for and your level of technology, your online lesbian dating experience will be different, but there are rules that apply to everyone. The following is our best lesbian dating advice.

 Be sure to complete your profile throughout. The point of community lesbian dating sites is to find meaningful connections instead of quick connections. You want to give other members a good idea of ​​who you are and let your qualities shine through.

Be real. Use a current profile photo and stay away from Photoshop. Also, always be appropriate and respectful. Show the same behavior you expect from others.

Clearly explain your dating intentions. This way you will save everyone time. Stay safe. Don’t give other members personal and financial information and ask to meet in public first. If anyone makes you feel uncomfortable, feel free to block and report them.