Time to obtain an Australian visa:

Time to obtain an Australian visa:

The processing time for an Australian visa will depend on how accurate the information you submit with your application is and the time to respond to possible queries during the process.

Currently, according to information on the website, 90% of applications are processed within 4 months, as shown in the image below.

How was my experience?

My girlfriend and I were going to apply for a visa, so I ended up applying the day before her and already created the group. She applied the next day stating my Group ID.

In our two applications, we only send a passport photo and proof of employment. In my case the employment contract as I work as a legal entity and in her case the most recent payslip. For a Visitor Visa in Australia Consult here

To our surprise, her visa was approved almost instantly. The email that arrived after the application already contained the guaranteed visa attached in PDF. My visa was a huge headache and I will tell you in more detail.

My visa application:

I initially applied on June 4, 2022, the process status remained Received until August 12, when the status changed to Initial Assessment. In other words, just to start the analysis it took more than 2 months. At that moment they already sent me an email asking for a lot more information. The list came in English, but I’ll put it translated here.

Clearing doubts with the Australian Embassy:

I was in doubt about whether it would be necessary to make an official translation of the documents. If sworn translation were necessary, translating all these documents and texts would cost a fortune. At that moment, despair hit and I contacted the Australian embassy in India through this email:

The answer was as follows:

“Please provide the original document accompanied by an English translation if it is in another language. Passports, bank statements and annual income tax returns do not need to be translated, as long as the information is clear to English-speaking third parties. In Australia, documents must be translated by NAATI certified translators. Outside Australia, official documents issued by the government must be translated by a certified translator. Some examples of official documents are:

  • Marriage Certificates and Divorce Certificates
  • birth certificates
  • custody certificates
  • Criminal background checks
  • military discharge certificates

Unofficial documents need complete and consistent translations accurately reflecting the original content, but not necessarily certified translations. Incorrect or low-quality translations, such as those from automatic translators, will not be accepted.“

In other words, it was a very big relief, I ended up translating my sworn CNPJ registration just because it was an official document, and the discursive questions I wrote in English, the rest of the documents, I sent them in Portuguese, following the recommendations from the embassy.