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Australian Visa: How to Get a Tourist Visa

Australian Visa: How to Get a Tourist Visa

Getting to know Australia is the desire of many Indians. However, all Indians who wish to visit the country need to have an Australian tourist visa called a Visitor visa (subclass 600), which ends up discouraging many people. In addition to involving costs, there is the fear of being disapproved and even thinking it is something too complex. That’s why I decided to write this post and show you how the process is to obtain an Australian tourist visa and tell you about my experience getting it.

The Visitor Visa is for anyone wishing to travel to Australia or visit relatives and friends for periods of 3, 6 or even 12 months. There are two options for withdrawing this visa, for those who are already in Australia and those who are still outside the country. In this post we will focus on the visa for those outside Australia.

How is the Australian visa application process done?

For some years now, the entire visa application process has been done online. Different from the American visa where we have to do the face-to-face interview and have the visa stuck in the passport. For an Australian tourist visa, all you have to do is apply through the Home Affairs website, register and fill in the form with all the information requested.

In all, there are 19 pages to be completed. The questions are in English, but most questions are multiple choice.

Remembering that if you are traveling with more people, each one must create their account and apply separately. However, in the “Group processing” session, the first requester will create a group and the following will only reference the Group ID.

After completing the entire form, just pay the visa fee which costs 150 Australian dollars. Payment is made by card, so a card that accepts purchases abroad is required, which can be a credit card or an international account card for travel, such as the C6 Global Account or Wise. The latter was the option I used because it was the cheapest. Click here for Visitor Visa to Australia

Documents required for an Australian visa:

As with any visa application, you will need to prove that you have enough money for your trip and that you are linked to your country, that is, you are not going to permanently stay in Australia.

When filling out the form, they will initially ask you only for evidence that you have a job and a passport photo. To avoid future document requests and delay in your process, please submit as much information as possible. Below is a list of documents to be sent.

  • Good quality color copy of the passport on the personal data page;
  • Good quality color copy of the identity document;
  • Color copy of the visas you already have;
  • Copy of travel stamps in the passport;
  • Payslip/Employment contract and updated resume (can be LinkedIn);
  • Bank statement (last 3 months);
  • Last Income Tax;
  • Extract investment accounts;
  • Proof of travel tickets/accommodation;
  • You can send all documents in Portuguese, without the need for translation. As for item 9, it is recommended to buy your ticket and accommodation only after approval of the visa, to avoid having to reschedule your trip in case of denial or delay in the visa response, but if you already have it, send it along.