Which Cancers Have the Best Survival Rates?

Best Survival Rates Introduction
Survival rates for cancer vary widely depending on the type and stage of the disease, as well
as individual factors such as age, overall health, and access to treatment. Generally, cancers
that are diagnosed early and are localized tend to have better survival rates compared to
cancers that are diagnosed at a later stage or have metastasized.

Some cancers with relatively high survival rates include:

1. Testicular cancer: Testicular cancer has a 99% relative survival rate after five years
for localised tumours that are present in the testicles. Survival rates for regional
tumours which have spread to tissues or lymph nodes close to the testicles are 95%.
Testicular cancer is usually treated by the removal of one or both testicles
2. Thyroid cancer: Many cases of thyroid cancer have excellent survival rates, with the
five-year survival rate averaging around 95%.
3. Melanoma (skin cancer): When detected early, melanoma has a high five-year
survival rate,93.7%, depending on the stage at diagnosis.
4. Breast cancer: The overall 5-year survival rates for breast cancer are approximately
95% for stage I patients, 92% for stage II, 70% for stage III, and a mere 21% for
stage IV patients
5. Prostate cancer: Many cases of prostate cancer are slow-growing and can be
effectively treated, resulting in a five-year survival rate of nearly 100% for localised

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