What to Expect When Living in a Luton Student Residence?

If you want to reside in the UK, Luton is an excellent area to study. Luton, a town with a diverse population, is a popular choice for student housing. In addition to being near London, it has excellent public transit connections. Although Luton doesn’t have as high of a cost of living as other UK locations, it’s still necessary for students to be aware of what costs they should budget for. Let’s take a look at the reasons for students want to move into a townhome and experience everything that the charming yet vibrant town of Luton has to offer before learning more about the cost of living in the city.

The fact that a large number of overseas students visit Luton each year should cheer you up if you’re one among them. Students in Luton typically pay between £1,503 and £1,700 per month for living expenses. This includes costs for things like your student accommodation in Luton, utilities, food, travel, clothes, entertainment, and more. To learn more about how your monthly spending is broken down and what goes into your overall cost of living, read this article. 

What to Expect When Living in a Luton Student Residence? 

For many students, living in a residence hall is a part of their time at college or university. Living far from the school makes attending it feasible for certain people, while others decide to live near campus purely to improve their post-secondary education. Although many people have preconceived notions about what resident life would be like, it might turn out to be very different from what they had anticipated. 

What should students anticipate, then, from their time living on campus at a college or university? Let’s investigate more closely. 

First-hand access to Activities and Services on Campus

Numerous services and activities are provided by the majority of colleges and universities. You can meet a variety of people, participate in sports teams and groups, and generally enhance your experience with them. Living on campus student residence in Luton gives you direct access to all of these services because they are provided just outside your door. 

Living off campus means you have to worry about getting to and from services and events, and you might not even be aware of everything going on. 

Participate in a Community 

You can instantly become a member of a community when you live there. You’ll be surrounded by like-minded individuals who have decided to further their education and pursue their professional goals. Once more, as you will be living in your student housing in Luton, it’s a great method to meet people if you are new to the town or city where your school is located.  

Check out the top housing possibilities for the University of Bedfordshire. Students will be accommodated in opulent, contemporary quarters, which will provide them with all the conveniences they could want. They can spend minutes walking to any building on campus, and it’s even situated in a neighbourhood with lots of restaurants, shops, and public transportation options. 

More Time to Study 

Having more time for studying and tasks is an additional benefit of living on campus at the University of Bedfordshire accommodation. This is the case since you will just need to walk a few minutes from your class to your on-campus apartment building during your commute. Off-campus students may have lengthy and frequently unpleasant commutes that tyre them by the time they arrive home. 

Benefit from Meal Plans 

There are meal plans available in several of these student apartments. This implies that you won’t need to bother about regularly purchasing groceries. Travelling long distances to and from the grocery store can be rather inconvenient and time-consuming. Having a meal plan also relieves you of the duty of cooking and preparation. 

There Are Many Advantages to Enjoy 

There are a tonne of amazing benefits available in student hostels in Luton that are just waiting to be utilised. This choice is so popular because it saves you time, eliminates the need for commute time, and gives you a sense of community. 


Even while college can be an exciting experience and you should get along with your roommates, it’s common to occasionally feel as though you don’t belong. Someone else likely shares your sentiments in your flat. Thus, don’t hesitate to express yourself. They might require as much conversation as you do.