What are the top 10 universities in Scotland?

Home of haggis, this largest annual art festival in the world, Scotland is all about its rich history, cultural diversity, striking natural landscape, and much more. If you fancy studying in Scotland, then this article is perfect for you.   

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Best 10 universities in Scotland  

Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh  

Ranked 10th in Scotland and 851 across the world, Queen Margaret University has achieved its best score for the international student ratio. This is a testament to their dedication for the year 1875, this university is home to approx. 5000 students which nurtures a friendly as well as sympathetic environment. The campus features a learning resource center that has 800 ensuite student residences and offers different courses in healthcare, business, social sciences, and more.   

Edinburgh Napier University  

 Edinburgh Napier University is graded ninth in Scotland and 801-850 throughout the world in the QS World University Rankings every year. The highest score achieved by the university is for the international student ratio which is followed by the international faculty ratio showcases the university’s commitment to fostering a globally oriented learning environment. This university houses six top-notch schools for students. 

 University of Dundee   

The University of Dundee claims to have the friendliest campus in Scotland and it is located right in the heart of Dundee city center. The highest score which has been achieved by the university is for its international faculty ratio as it highlights its dedication to global diversity and collaboration. It is situated on the east coast of the central lowlands of Scotland.   

University of Sterling  

It is one of the younger institutions to make the list of top universities across Scotland. The University of Stirling was founded in the year 1967 by the Royal Charter. Ranked joint 431stacross the world, the university is located around two miles outside of the Stirling city center. The highest score is achieved for the international student’s ratio with more than 30 percent of students being international.   

University of Strathclyde  

Scotland’s third-largest university in terms of student population, this university has been loved by many students. it has been founded in the year 1796 and ranked 276th across the world.   

Heriot-Watt University   

Established in the year 1821 and located in the Scottish capital Edinburgh, then this university is graded joint 235th across the world and also fifth in Scotland. Once situated solely in the city center, the university completed its move to the leafy suburb of Riccarton and thus which is six miles from the city center in the 1990s. the university has got a perfect score for the international faculty ratio.   

University of Aberdeen  

The University of Aberdeen is ranked 208th across the world in the QS World University Rankings this year. It claims a long history which dates back to the year 1495. Aberdeen is a cost-effective city and offers the students with a wide range of experience.   

University of St. Andrews   

Home to around 9224 students, the University of St. Andrews was founded in the year 1410 which makes it the oldest of the four ancient universities of Scotland. It is ranked joint 95th across the world this year and 16th among the best universities in the UK. It is a small university town in rural Fife on Scotland’s east coast and it is famous for its golf course.  

 University of Glasgow  

Home to Scotland’s oldest public museum as well as the largest Scottish university by the student population. You can come across some of the best on-campus student accommodation in Glasgow. This university is the fourth-oldest university in the UK which was established in the year 1451. This university excels with some of the best scores for the international-student ratio. You can also explore the off-campus students living in Glasgow.   

University of Edinburgh  

Ranked first amongst the top universities in Scotland and 22nd globally across the University of Edinburgh, the sixth oldest university across the UK and also a part of Scotland’s capital city since the year 1583. This university has scored outstanding across six out of the nine gauges.   

Final Thoughts   

There are many good universities over here. However, before you embark on this journey, look for the best student rooms in Glasgow. One of the best accommodations over here is the social hub Glasgow.