split ac unit for every budget

Trying to find a solution to endure the impending mid-June heatwaves.You may need an air conditioner most of all. There are numerous possibilities split a unit for every budget, ranging from practical, cost-effective equipment to high-end, multi-function ones.

around 30,000 BDT

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The 1-ton non-inverter

The 1-ton non-inverter line of air conditioners from manufacturers like Walton, Chigo or Midea may match your needs if you want to combat the heat without beating up your pocketbook. These air conditioners, which range in price from 26,000 BDT to 29,000 BDT, can be bought directly from designated showrooms as well as online through Walton, Best Electronics, or e-commerce websites like Daraz and Pickaboo.  Customers can also take advantage of rebates, EMI options, free installation, or Walton or Best Electronics’ 6 to 12 month power bill coverage.

about 30,000–35,001 BDT

You can choose from a variety of 1 tonne to 1.5 tonne or even 2-ton air conditioners from companies like GREE, General, Vision, Haier, Marcel, Midea, Sharp, or Hitachi for a budget between 30,000 BDT and 50,000 BDT. Conion, Singer, Eco+, and Hisense all offer inverter models in this price range, with Singer adding “gold fin” and “green inverter” features that prolong the life of the air conditioner while simultaneously cutting carbon emissions. These air conditioners can be bought via Transcom Digital, Esquire Electronics, Butterfly (for Eco+ and Hisense), Hitachi, Sharp, and General AC websites as well as physical stores. Butterfly is providing the longest 36-month EMI period, up to 100% payback, until May 20. Additionally, Transcom provides AC exchange deals for manufacturers such as Hitachi, Samsung, Panasonic, Whirlpool, and Daikin.

1.5-ton inverter models from GREE, 2-ton models from Eco+ and General, 1.5-ton inverter models from Samsung, and air conditioners with high EER ratings from HITACHI, Daikin, Kelvinator, and Panasonic are available in the price range of 50,000 BDT to 75,000 BDT. (in terms of cooling efficiency against power consumption).

over 75,000 BDT

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Higher-end air conditioners from manufacturers like GREE, Whirlpool, Singer, General, Samsung, and others are available in 1.5 tonne up to 4.5 tonne models after the 75,000 BDT threshold. Air conditioners at this price tier have extra features including air purification, dehumidification, activity monitoring, smart controls, auto timers, and much less power consumption in addition to better EER ratings and tonnage. Despite their high price, these air conditioners provide free delivery, free installation, and simple EMI options in addition to varied discounts from the appropriate shops.

Due to the general prejudice towards online sales of large appliances (like air conditioners), direct purchase from physical retailers is still the more preferred choice for most customers, even if the research has demonstrated that online purchases are the most convenient, time-saving, and safe option. Whatever your chosen brand, tonnage, kind, or purchase method, air conditioners are now more of a need than a luxury. Finding an AC that fits your budget is as simple to say as it is to do because of the variety, as well as the numerous discounts and specials.