What Features Do You Need to Make Your Webinar Available On Demand?

You can create a live webinar if you want to reach a global audience with better interactivity and engagement. However, cloud-based video streaming and the on-demand webinar are also creating a trend in the market. Furthermore, the best webinar platform is offering the best features and functionalities to make the event a seamless and immersive experience for the users.

Audiences around the world can reach your webinar platform and watch the event anytime from anywhere. There will be no delay or interruption of your video streaming. Furthermore, your audience can enjoy watching the various videos without hassle anywhere and anytime.

Still, do you have questions about the features you should look for and add to your webinar? Hence, here is a comprehensive list of elements that you need to make your webinar available on-demand in 2022, 2023, and beyond.

Excellent Customization

  • Unlimited Branding: You can use your logos, images, infographics, teasers, trailers, and other kinds of content in different formats to promote your brand products and services. Furthermore, it can give you an opportunity to promote your business using different content.
  • Name Bands/Aston Bands: You can integrate the bands into your live and on-demand webinar. Furthermore, it will be helpful in introducing your speakers, topic, session, and other information about your event video. However, your audiences will find it easy to understand what they can find in the video by reading the description of the videos.
  • Countdown Timer: You can integrate the timer to various pages of your event promotion. It can create a sense of urgency for your audience. Furthermore, you can add the timer to the sales page, event registration, and landing pages. This way, your attendees can understand the time left to take the action on the countdown.
  • Transition Frame: Also, if you have two-three clips on a similar topic or if you have multiple speakers sharing their opinion on a single topic, you have merged them into one, then you must use the transition frame. Furthermore, it will help your audience know that you have changed the complete transition in your presentation.

Seamless User-Experience

You need elements that can make your online webinar platform seamless and immersive for your audience. And you need the navigator, 3D effect, and 360-degree view to make all these things possible. Furthermore, you can build a seamless experience for your audience by adding the introduction guide video that can help your audience guide the complete process of exploring the webinar platform.

Seamless Execution

  • Scalable Content Delivery: You can create a great platform that offers the best content delivery with a seamless and immersive experience. Furthermore, it will provide you with a stronger Content Delivery Network. Hence, it can ensure high content quality, availability, and performance for your on-demand webinar platform.
  • Dedicated Platform: You can create and get a separate and specific platform for your content. Hence, the on-demand webinar platform will have all the features and functionalities that you would like to add as well as there will be no other content or integrations rather than those you want.
  • Custom Access Controls: You can get complete control to approve or restrict access to your on-demand platform. Hence, you can decide who can join your event and watch all the videos and who can not. Furthermore, you can allow the attendees to even watch the limited videos by restricting access to some.
  • Maximum Security: You can get 100% safety and security against all cyber threats. Furthermore, no malware, hackers, or any other cyber attack can affect your on-demand webinar platform. Your and your audience’s data will be encrypted end to end in order to make every detail safe and secure from start to end.

Dynamic Device Support

Your users can use any device to access your on-demand webinar platform. They can take a laptop, mobile, pc, iPad, tablet, etc. Also, they do not have to download any app or software. They can simply join the webinar platform via any browser. Hence, easy accessibility from any device or browser without hassle.

Fun Gamification

You can add AR/VR games to your on-demand webinar platform. Furthermore, the live webinar services offer gamification features that can make your event more engaging and entertaining for your audience. Hence, your audience can take a break and play games during that time. Also, you can make your gaming audience stay at the event platform for a longer time, which can give you a better chance to engage them and grow more interest in your webinar.

Innovative Networking Tools

Your audience can use the different networking tools integrated into your virtual webinar platforms. Furthermore, they can explore the futuristic AI-built integrations that provide you the complete freedom to help you make connections that matter. Hence, your audience can come to your brand representatives to get solutions for various troubles and issues faced during an event.

3rd Party Integration

You can have some 3rd party integrations to your on-demand just like the live webinar. Furthermore, you can incorporate WhatsApp, Zoom Meeting, MS Team, Google Meet, Hubspot, BlueJeans, PayPal, RazorPay, and more. Hence, you can connect with anyone without hassle.

Complete Analytics

You can get valuable insights and complete analytics for your brand webinar with the right Automated webinar services. Furthermore, they will create a detailed report for your on-demand platform sharing various activities of your audiences, including the most and least watched videos. It can help you add or eliminate videos from your upcoming collection.

24*7 Backend Support

Your audience can contact your support executive to know various brand products and service information. Furthermore, they can come after watching your product description videos.

So, these are the various features and functionalities that you must look for in a webinar platform to create a successful on-demand webinar platform. Furthermore, the best online event solutions will provide you with all these elements with your live event as well as an on-demand webinar. They ensure to boost engagement, interaction, and networking opportunities in your event for successful execution.

Hope, you will find this article beneficial in creating a successful and impactful on-demand webinar platform.