How to draw an anime boy’s hair

How to draw an anime boy’s hair Anime is a type of Japanese liveliness that has become progressively famous for many years. It covers a wide range of kinds of styles, stories, and characters that many individuals have come to appreciate.

Some anime can be delighted by small kids while others are something else for grown-ups, and there is something for everybody.

Any individual who has partaken in an anime might have considered how to draw anime young men’s hair so they can make their characters. We’re here to cover since we will tell you the best way to do it in only 6 tomfoolery and simple tasks!

We’ll separate it to show you how simple it tends to be, and afterward, we’ll try and go north of a couple of ways of making it considerably more exceptional and fascinating.

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Table of Contents

Stage 1:

Before drawing the actual hair, we’ll initially begin with this character’s face. As we referenced previously, anime characters can have a wide range of styles, so face shape is something you can try different things with.

For the present, we’ll adhere to the type of our model. The face in the reference picture is both adjusted and pointed, and it will effectively make a genuinely expressive plan for your personality.

It likewise gives you much space to add your facial subtleties later! Before you start, you can utilize a pencil to set up your drawing.

Utilizing a light touch, cautiously draw the shape of the head with an adjusted top and the general state of the sharp jaw.

Then, at that point, you can utilize your pen or a hazier pencil to draw the real layout of the lower jaw, as displayed in our model. At last, wrap up with two adjusted shapes for the ears on each side.

This will do it for the state of the face, and then we can continue toward the trickier parts when we begin drawing the hair.


can begin to get precarious. However, you can relax! However long you go slowly and follow the aide cautiously, you can make it happen effortlessly.

When you draw a genuinely new thing, it’s dependably really smart to take as much time as is needed and recall that you can continuously attempt once more, assuming you mess up.

Presently, from the last step, we have the blueprint of the head. If you followed our way to draw the highest point of the head with a pencil, you could now imagine how the head and hair communicate.

These will associate in the middle with a slight plunge. Then you can add a few other comparable guided shapes under these circles to add more.

Once more, they don’t need to match precisely how they search in our model. Various styles will likewise have various shapes, so attempt to utilize a reference photograph or picture if you want to draw an unexpected haircut compared to what we’ve made here.

You can likewise utilize different line methods to accomplish various hairdos, so make certain to get innovative and try different things with it when you get its hang! Anything you decide to do, you’ll have the full blueprint of the hair after this step, and afterward, we can add a few inside subtleties.

Stage 3: :

The third step of drawing your anime kid’s hair may be precarious. In this one, we will draw the internal blueprint of the hairline inside her face.

This time, the distinction will be that the twists of hair are pointing upward down as opposed to the sides as they did last time.

We suggest working for the external circles internally, and as you can find in our reference picture, they don’t need to be a similar shape or length.

They don’t need to match our own precisely for a moment, and you can get imaginative with them! In the focal point of this layout, there will be a bigger bent space, as displayed in our model. It can make the person more puzzled;

however, that won’t be what you need for your personality. If this is what you need to do, draw less detail on the hair that covers the face. We can continue toward stage 4, where we will add some subtleties.

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