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Electrical certificate, an establishment that is open for public access (ERP) can be defined in the Construction and Housing Code (CCH). This includes establishments that welcome visitors who are paid or free customers, patients or even clients.

As a professional who is responsible for an ERP managing the electrical infrastructure of your facility is a part of your responsibility. This should be completed each year. Find out everything you need learn about electrical control within ERP, electrical certificate.

ERP is a concern for electrical controls:

The general rule is that ERP administrators must make sure that their equipment or installations are maintained, installed and serviced according to the regulations of Fire Safety Regulations. The regulations applicable to electrical controls are different based on the category that the ERP is part of: The first group includes categories 1,2 3, and 4 ERPs. This second category is constituted by ERPs in the 5th category

Concerning what are the ERPs of the first group:

ERP owners in the 1st group are required to perform the electrical checks throughout the building for the ERP and regularly while it is in operation.

Concerning ERPs from the 2nd group:

The public buildings in the 2nd group are small businesses where the amount of people in the public is not at the minimum number stipulated by the safety rules for each type of business.

The reference should be made to the requirements of article PE (Small Establishments) of the Fire Safety Regulations applicable to public buildings of the 5th category. The manager must conduct maintenance and verification procedures on electrical installations as well as technical equipment at his establishment, electrical certificate.

The technical equipment and facilities include, among other things:



Kitchen appliances,

Extraction circuits to remove old steam, stale air and grease that have accumulated in large kitchens warming the islands and offices,

It is important to note that the article PE 4 does not provide any specifics on the frequency of the time at which verifications should be carried out. It is recommended to consult the ERP rules that apply to ERPs belonging to the 1st group and thus provide periodic audits. The different electrical controls that are used in ERP

The different electrical checks performed in ERP comprise the following elements:

Checking before energizing electrical installations, with a view to the issue of Consuelo DRE (Conclusion Summary Document) forms, the first verification is required prior to the commissioning. Periodic verification to be performed every year to ensure the upkeep of the facilities,

The Q18 certificate is intended to be used by your insurance company. Electrical inspections in government buildings are conducted by accredited organizations. The owner has the freedom to select his electrical inspection company.


Power surges,

Electric shocks.

The testing of electrical installations, therefore, permits:

To make sure that your workers, your occupants and the general public

To ensure the continued operation of operation of your equipment.

Also, be aware that when you receive reports that aren’t current the insurance company could decline the responsibility. It could also mean that you lose your coverage in the case of an accident, making repairs your financial cost. Read more: property management companies london