Eat Fit, Stay Fit & Tone Your Belly This Summer

Sometimes we all just wish it were as easy to lose weight as it is to gain it. With information at the tip of our fingers, exercise routines galore and umpteen choices when it comes to weight-loss, the struggle is still very real. But while the struggle is real, we are here to tell you that it is possible if we set our minds to it. If your goal this summer is to lose weight or become healthier and more fit, the weather does not have to be a deterrant. A few simple practices can help us achieve our weight-loss dreams.

With summer just around the corner, most of us feel demotivated to sweat it out for any reason but the weather. When you think of summers you think of heat. And so naturally it becomes harder to stick to a fitness regimen during summers because of the heat. Often, just like our new year’s resolutions remain obsolete, our summer resolutions experience the same and die a slow death.

However, we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way. There’s always a way where your will is strong. As it is with any new routine that we pick up, consistency is key. But that doesn’t mean that you go hard on yourself when you miss a routine, or break away from a routine. As we move into summer fitness routines for weightloss, it’s important to do so with kindness and compassion over ourselves and our bodies. When we are able to show ourselves kindness, we remember how to stand up even when we fall, and that keeps us from giving up.

It’s easy to get over ambitious when it comes to exercise routines. However, if you notice, impulse-based, obsessive fitness bouts last for very short periods of time before you give up and return to old habits once again. Worried about gaining weight this season, or worried about shedding it?

How can you ensure you stay fit, lose belly fat and tone your stomach this festive season? Read on to find out! Here are a few simple tips on how to shrink your stomach, the best exercise to lose belly fat, for you to learn how to tone your belly and stay fit this winter.

Exercise during the day –

If you’re thinking of how to shrink your stomach, having regular physical activity as part of your daily routine is the place to start. Regular physical exercise during the day can improve your muscle strength, deliver oxygen to your tissues and help your cardiovascular system function well. More importantly, simple workouts to lose belly fat can ensure your tummy stays toned at all times. Especially when it’s the end of the year, and it’s food galore at every nook and corner you turn. For this winter season, simple exercises like running or walking for some time everyday, doing vertical crunches and leg-raises, or cycling/ swimming for a few hours daily, will go a long way in helping you tone your stomach. Remember that consistent and regular exercise is key to tone your stomach, especially if you wish to see long term results.

Change your diet –

There’s no point in doing all the exercise in the world if you continue to feed yourself unhealthy food. A healthy and balanced diet is paramount to a healthy mind, and ultimately a healthy body. Incorporate plenty of whole grains, nuts, legumes, fruits, vegetables, fish and unprocessed meat into your diet. While the season is prime, and gives that little extra loving to our waist – by following a diet and switching to healthier options, you don’t have to worry about how to get a flat stomach or do impulsive workouts to lose belly fat. Change your diet first, and incorporate simple exercise routines into your day and see it do wonders to you this season.

WIth a lot of diets out there today, it is important to know what works for your body. Not all body types are the same, and so it’s best to see a nutritionist or an expert who can guide you toward a diet that takes your entire body and mind into consideration. Crash-diets may give you short-term rewards, but they do come with long-term baggage of their own. So while considering a diet, it’s always best to do thorough research and while doing so, to show kindness to your body even on the days where you may have gone away from your plan.

Stay mentally fit –

Feeding your mind positive thoughts is one that doesn’t get stressed enough. Staying mentally healthy is key to living a successful life, and the key to having a healthy body. If you find yourself going down often, encourage yourself with motivational podcasts or videos, reading inspiring books, and talking to people who inspire you. By staying mentally fit, you can avoid those unnecessary binges, and make healthier choices for yourself and those around you.

A lot of the times, what we feed the mind is also what we feed the body. So it’s important to uplift your mind and encourage it to push its own boundaries. When we are able to conquer our minds, half of the battle is won. At the end of the day, it is possible to trick our minds once we have understood how our minds work. And when we have understood, there is nothing we cannot set our minds to and get done.

Mind health is paramount to living a healthy life. Right from what your read and all the information you consume, to the social circles you are in and the environment you spend time in, they all impact the way our mind relates to our bodies and to the world. So mind fit is in turn body fit and it is a goal that is attainable.

Practice restraint –

We know it’s the end of the year and the one time throughout the year where practicing restraint becomes so hard. However, if you wish to tone your belly fat, this is one place to begin. When you walk into a party, make healthier choices for yourself. Choose to avoid unhealthy foods and binge on some healthy snacks instead. Limit yourself to single-servings, and be conscious of the food that goes into your body. Saying no isn’t always such a terrible thing. If you’ve to turn down on that sugar fest and refuse sugar this season  don’t feel ashamed to do so. Encourage others to join you on your healthy run, and help each other stay fit.

As we learn to practice restraint, we are reprogramming our minds to live healthier and more meaningful lives. It is possible to make the mind work in our favour to achieve that maximum results. Understanding how our mind works is key to reprogramming how we think, how we eat, how we consume, and trickles down to everything we do.

Tag a friend along –

Sometimes, we are all much better when we’ve got company. Having a partner join the ride can be a very exciting process for the both of you. Not only do you get to hold each other accountable on those difficult days, you get encourage each other to make it through till the end. Two is always better than one, so if your thinking of how to tone your belly fat and are unable to do so by yourself, tag a friend along and make it a fun journey.

Being the season of joy, sumptuous feasts are every bit part of the package and something we all look forward to. With delicious smells in the air, and tables laden with delectable spreads, how can you stay true to your diet? How can you tone your belly fast, and do so in a sustainable and healthy manner? Make these simple and healthy lifestyle changes if you’re thinking of how to tone your belly in summer.

By feeding your mind with good thoughts, your body with nutritious food, exercising regularly, and learning to say no when needed, you’ll go a long way in staying fit – be it winter, summer or spring. At the end of the day, fitness is a holistic practice and should not be treated singularly. As it is with our bodies, so it is with our minds as well. Understanding how our minds work in tandem with our bodies will go a long way in helping you achieve those fitness goals and ultimately lead a more satisfying life.