Downloading Facebook Videos to Your PC Using a Web Application

A web application called Facebook Video Converter or Facebook Video Downloader allows users to obtain Facebook videos in MP4 and MP3 format online. This includes both public and private videos. Simply paste the url or link for the Facebook video in the text field above and select “Download” to download it. In a matter of seconds, the video will transfer into your system.

How can I download a Facebook movie to my computer?

  1. Visit
  2. Locate the movie you want to download on the user’s Facebook page or in your Facebook feed.
  3. The video URL and a small pop-up window should show. To transfer the URL to your clipboard, press the keys Ctrl and C on your keyboard.
  4. Enter the URL in the field above, then select Download.
  5. You can obtain the Facebook video that has been converted.
    This is how you can quickly and easily download Facebook videos to your PC.

How do you download videos from Facebook app?

Open the Facebook mobile app after installing the app, then search for the video you want to download. You will be able to see the option to share the video after you view it. Click the choice, then choose Copy Link. This will add the video’s straight URL to the clipboard of your iOS or Android device. Following that, we advise you to go to, paste the URL there, and then select the “Download Button.” You can download the Facebook videos in the chosen video formats after the download links are created in a short while.

How do you save a FB video?

Navigate to the FB video, Click Play, Click Options & tap Download HD or Download SD. Then Copy the URL of the FB video and paste in the above form and cllick download. That’s it & it is very simple to save a FB videos using

How can you download facebook videos to my Android mobile?

Launch the Facebook programme on your phone. The movie you want to download should be played. The “Copy Link” option will appear when you select the “Share” button. select that option, launch the Facebook video downloader, paste the Facebook URL, and then click the “Download” button. It’s simple to do!

How do we download a private video from Facebook?

  1. Launch the website in your browser.
  2. Log into Facebook and visit the page of the movie you want to download in a new tab.
  3. Ctrl + U on Windows is the shortcut to use. Press Command + Option + U if
  4. you’re using a Mac. You can access the online page’s source code using this shortcut.
  5. In the converter’s box, paste the original code.
    Click Download.

Is it possible to convert Facebook Mp4 Video Converter (audio)?

True is the response. In the Facebook Mp4 Video Converter box above, paste the Facebook video’s URL, then select Download. You’ll be able to see download links for the movie in a variety of formats. When you scroll to the bottom, you will see an option marked “Audio-Only.” Click on that to obtain the Facebook video’s audio version.

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Can I download my own FB Videos from Facebook?

True is the response. Open Facebook and submit your video. After a short while, Facebook will create a URL for your video. Copy the URL, go to, paste the URL, and then select the download button. Your own movie can be downloaded from Facebook.