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Do I Need a Driver’s License to Be a Forklift Operator in Houston Texas?

Do I Need a Driver’s License to Be a Forklift Operator in Houston Texas?

NR11 – Transport, Handling, Storage and Material Handling:

By the provisions of Regulatory Standard No. 11 (NR11), in item 11.1.5, the operator of transport equipment with its own motive power must receive specific activity, offered by the organization that will qualify him for this role.

When the standard talks about specific training, it talks about the specific equipment that the worker will operate at the job. In the case of a forklift, it addresses the specific type, that is, whether it is small or large, combustion or electric, retractable or pantograph counterbalanced. Click here for a forklift rental in Houston texas

In item 11.1.6, the norm states the following: “operators of motorized transport equipment must be qualified and may only drive if, during working hours, they carry an identification card with their name and photograph in a visible place”.

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Realize that in no item does the norm quote or mention the need to carry or possess a License (National Driver’s License). She says that the qualification is given by the employer, through specific training and that at the job, the qualification is evidenced by the identification card (specific badge for forklift operators).

There is no requirement by law that forklift operators carry or possess a driver’s license of any category. However, some specific situations must be fulfilled by Article 144 of the National Traffic Code.

Application in the Labor Market in Houston Texas:

Many companies already set as a condition for the candidate for a job vacancy for forklift operator, the possession of License category B, for small forklifts, and category D, for large forklifts.

Although the Legislation does not require a License, this is considered good practice, as companies understand that a forklift operator who has a License will have advantages in complying with safety rules by having more knowledge of the traffic code and even more intimacy with vehicles, believing that these factors minimize the occurrence of accidents.

It is quite true that when a forklift operator is trained, someone who is already familiar with vehicles and who drives them daily has an advantage over those who have not driven them, which is why companies have been taking the hiring of operators as an internal procedure. with this profile and who already have a License.

Want to be a Forklift Operator and don’t have a driver’s license? Don’t worry, all is not lost:

Finally, if you want to be a forklift operator but don’t have a driver’s license, no problem, as I know several excellent forklift trucks that don’t have a driver’s license and are in the job market. There is no legal impediment to this condition, but remember that not all companies admit forklift trucks that do not have a driver’s license, and this can be a difficult factor when applying for a job.