Complete Guide to Leveling Kits

If you’re a truck or SUV owner looking to improve your vehicle’s appearance and off-road capabilities, consider installing leveling kits. Go with KSP Performance. They are made to raise the front of your car to match the height of the back, giving it a more aggressive and level stance. In this article, we’ll examine leveling kits and their benefits.

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What is a leveling kit?

A leveling kit is a suspension modification that lifts the front of your truck or SUV to make it level with the rear. Leveling kits typically come in spacer kits and coil spring kits. Spacer kits are made up of plastic or metal spacers installed on top of your vehicle’s front strut assembly, while coil spring kits replace the front coil springs with taller ones.

Benefits of leveling kits

Improved Appearance: One of the most significant benefits of leveling kits is the improved appearance of your vehicle. Leveling kits give your truck or SUV a more aggressive and level stance, which makes it look more stylish and rugged.

Increased Ground Clearance: Another benefit of leveling kits is that they can increase your vehicle’s ground clearance. This can be beneficial if you plan to take your truck or SUV off-road, giving you more clearance to navigate obstacles.

Better Handling: Leveling kits can also improve your vehicle’s handling. Leveling out the front and rear of your car will sit more evenly, making it more stable when cornering or driving at high speeds.

Larger Tire Fitment: If you’re looking to install larger tires on your vehicle, a leveling kit can help. By raising the front of your car, you’ll have more room for larger tires without rubbing against the fenders.


Leveling kits can be installed by a professional mechanic or at home if you have some mechanical experience. Installation times vary depending on the type of kit and the specific vehicle, but it usually takes a few hours.

Can leveling kits cause gas mileage.

Installing leveling kits on your truck or SUV can potentially impact your vehicle’s gas mileage. However, the impact may not be significant enough to cause a noticeable difference in fuel consumption.

Leveling kits can affect gas mileage in several ways. First, leveling kits often result in larger tires being installed, which can increase rolling resistance and decrease fuel efficiency. Additionally, leveling kits can change the aerodynamics of your vehicle, causing more air drag and reducing fuel efficiency.

However, the impact on fuel economy is often small, and some leveling kits may even improve gas mileage in certain driving conditions. For example, if your vehicle has a nose-down rake, which means the front is lower than the back, a leveling kit can help reduce wind resistance and improve gas mileage on the highway.

If you’re care about the impact of a leveling kit on your gas mileage, it’s important to do your research and choose a kit designed to minimize the impact on fuel efficiency. Additionally, you can improve your vehicle’s fuel economy, such as maintaining proper tire pressure, avoiding excessive idling, and conserving conservatively.


Leveling kits are an excellent way to improve your truck or SUV’s appearance and off-road capabilities. They offer numerous benefits, including increased ground clearance, better handling, and the ability to fit larger tires. If you want to give your vehicle a more aggressive stance, a leveling kit might be just what you need.