Best Infographic Design Agencies to Inspire Your Next Design

In the visually driven world of today, infographics have become major tools for businesses and organizations looking to convey information fast and effectively. They combine data, design, and storytelling in a way that drives home a point or engages with meaningful visualization to improve understanding and retention. This could be utilized for purposes such as marketing, education, and internal communication. Picking the right design agency will all make a difference. Here, we explore a few of the best infographic design agency to inspire your next design.
1. Killer Visual Strategies
This Seattle-based Killer Visual Strategies is another respected cel animation agency known for the quality of its infographic design agency. They are really highly regarded for turning visual and engagingly long data-heavy infographics that mesmerize audiences and drive complex information across.
Why They Inspire

Data Visualization Expertise: Killer Visual Strategies will ensure that each of their infographic design agency does not only look sharp but also accords the data appropriately.
Miscellaneous Portfolio: Their portfolio features an infographic style, ranging from static design and running to interactive infographics, which will be helpful to all manner of needs and tastes.
Client-Centric Approach: They will work hand in glove with you to understand your vision and come up with customized designs built specifically to the taste and contrasts of a client’s brand.
Noticeable Projects
Killer Visual Strategies’ clientele ranges from industry behemoths like Microsoft to Adobe and Boeing, and the infographics bled into famousness almost immediately across all large formats.
2. Column Five
Column Five, Cel animation, specializes in visual storytelling through infographics, data visualization, and content marketing. With a strong history of creating visually stunning and highly effective infographic design agency to help brands tell stories, Column Five is an agency that can really wow.
Why They Inspire

Storytelling Creatively: Column Five is a master at taking information and turning it into cel animation, making their infographic design agency informative and really compelling.
Innovative Designs: Their design team is known to possess that streak of creativity and innovation, always coming up with new and different infographics.
Strong Emphasis on Strategy: They adopt a strategic approach toward design so that every infographic created meets the goals and objectives set by their clients.
Notable Projects
Column Five has had famous clients like Google, LinkedIn, and The World Bank, and their infographic design agency have been featured in top tier publications and shared rigorously on social media.
3. Infographic World
Infographic design agencies world is an independent cel animation agency based in New York that handles custom-made infographics, data visualizations, and animated films explaining products. The company has a professional team of qualified designers and data analysts working together to provide high-quality infographics that make complex information very easy to share.
Why They Inspire

Comprehensive Services: infographic design agency does everything from static infographics to animated videos; hence it inspires professionals in the creation of all kinds of visual contents.
Data-Driven Approach: They are extremely careful cel animation about the accuracy of the data and ensure that the message to be conveyed through each infographic is very clear.
High-Quality Designs: Attention to detail forms the backbone, and high-quality designs help them stand out in the cluttered marketplace of the digital world.
Notable Projects
Infographic design agency has been known for creating infographics for Coca-Cola, ESPN, and the United Nations, just to mention a few. This raised a lot of attention for the dexterity they showed in distilling complex topics into visually appealing and easy-to-understand graphics
4. Visually
Visually is a creative services platform for delivering the best Possible visuals through its freelance global network of the world-class designers, writers, and developers who collaborate to produce top-notch quality visual content. This includes infographics. They have a collaborative approach towards design under which the customer would directly work with the best talented cel animation agencies.
Why They Inspire

Access to top talent: By using Visually, access is provided to a diversified pool of skilled freelancers. This in return ensures that clients are ably matched with the correct fit for their project needs.
Collaborative Process: Through their platform, clients can comment and revise in real-time in a collaborative design process.
Huge Range of Styles: That diversity of freelancers means that wide infographic styles and approaches are open to a client, endless inspiration.
Notable Projects
Visually has a long list of highly recognizable brands, including VISA, Ford, and Twitter, for whom they have created infographics that have been shared far and wide online and garnered attention from major media outlets.
4. Graphicacy
The Washington D.C based-agency is well known for its expertise in data visualization, interactive graphics, and cel animation. With a stern ideology, it goes towards helping organizations tell their stories better through captivating designs that are replete with information.
Why They Inspire

Specifically, over the years: Graphicacy has shown the prowess to come up with interactive infographics which engage audiences besides bettering user experiences.
Emphasis on Clearness: They especially work on simplicity of idea and clarity of information to the target audience for design.
Personalized Solution: They stay close to the clients while working out plans tailored to suit their needs and objectives.
Notable Projects
Graphicacy has designed infographics for clients like the Gates Foundation, The Brookings Institution, and National Geographic, with great kudos for their extraordinary skill in transposing deeply challenging subject matter into simple yet compelling pieces.
6. Ninjawards
Portfolio Overview
Ninjawards is a design firm specializing in infographics, data visualization, and interactive content. They are one of the most creative and capable teams about turning complex data into eye-candy that is easily digested.
Why They Inspire

Unique designs: Ninjawards is the place of some of the most creative and unique designs illuminated in the digital space.
User Experience: They work user-experience centric, making sure that the infographics are not only visually captivating but also easy to navigate and comprehend.
Comprehensive Service: Starting from Static Infographics to Interactive and Cel animation Designs, thus inspiring various types of Visual Content.
Notable Projects
Ninjawards has built infographics for many clients, ranging from startups and non-profits to large corporations, which received a huge amount of shares, painstakingly earning accolades of creativity and clarity.
7. Information is Beautiful
This cel animation agency, based in London, is the brainchild of the acclaimed data visualization expert David McCandless. This forty-strong team of creative geniuses produces really appealing visualizations, paring hard data down into easily digestible bits or something more palatable to the target audience.
Why They Inspire
Ingenious Information Visualization: Information is Beautiful develops cutting-edge, impactful visualizations that stretch the farthest reaches of traditional infographic design agency.
Clarity First: The emphasis is always on clarity and simplicity in design so that it reaches the same level of understanding within the target audience.
Thought Leadership: With their work, the thought leadership of the founder, David McCandless, in the area of information design clearly comes through.
Notable works
Information is Beautiful has been driving infographics and data visualizations for clients such as The Guardian, the BBC, and Wired, besides winning accolades on how complex data goes into beautiful, engaging visuals.
Summary is an infographic design tool and service whereby a user can create their infographics from the pre-designed templates and design elements. The company also offers professional cel animation services for clients looking to work with seasoned designers.
Why They Inspire

Easy to Use Tool: keeps their online tool super easy to use so that everyone can create pro pic Infographics in a flash, providing inspiration and resources for DIY designers.
Affordable Services: They provide affordable design services to ensure that infographics of good quality are within the reach of every business and organization, regardless of their size.
Diverse Templates: With their vast library of templates and design elements, they continue to inspire users in making truly unique and engaging infographics.
Notable Projects has been used by hundreds of thousands of people and organizations who’ve made infographics, attesting to an easy-to-use tool with professional design services.
9. Venngage
Venngage is an online maker of infographics, offering a number of templates and design tools to make a user’s infographic; at the same time, it also provides professional design services when clients want custom infographics.
Why They Inspire

Rich Library of Templates: Having a rich library of templates and design elements, it provides adequate inspiration for coming up with a unique and engaging infographic.
User-Friendly Interface: An intuitive design tool so anybody can make professional infographics, regardless of design experience.
Professional Services: Effectively, any custom designs one would commission should be served with professional design services by Venngage to ensure top quality and tailored infographics.
Notable Projects
Venngage has made influential infographics for industry-leading businesses, educators, and nonprofits. It received great admiration for the user-friendliness of its tool and high-standard design services.


Choosing the right infographic design agency can surely make a difference in how well one conveys the message. The agencies mentioned above have been rated to be the best in the respective industry and known for their creativity, expertise, and ability in taking complex sets of data and turning them into an engaging and visually appealing infographic. Be it static designs, interactive graphics, or cel animation, these agencies will help spark inspiration and deliver the expertise that can be required to create compelling infographics.

They engage your audience and show with clarity exactly what it is that you are trying to say.
The things that speak towards an agency help one to decide which one to work with: the portfolio, client testimonials, and the services offered. You can definitely create infographics with the right partner that will inform, inspire, and engage your audience in moving ways.