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What Does Capecitabine do to Cancer Cells?

What Does Capecitabine do to Cancer Cells?

Capecitabine chemotherapy drug for several cancer types. This is a prodrug. That means it has to be converted to active chemical forms in the body. Once this process is carried out in the body, the action of the drug starts. It will stop the growth of cancer cells and reduce tumor size. The Capecitabine effects are complex. It also involves an interplay of varied mechanisms. Read more to understand the role of Capecitabine tablet prices too. Inhibition of thymidylate synthase One of the starting ways of its action is through the thymidylate synthase inhibition process. This is an enzyme. It will mainly produce the DNA of cancer cells. DNA is the genetic blueprint. That will eventually help the cancer cells to increase in size and shape and eventually multiply. By stopping this enzym...