An Ultimate Guide To The Loyalty Features In Mobile Apps

Loyalty programs have shaken the whole mobile industry upside down. Customer loyalty programs are designed to reward their customers after repetitive engagement and purchase orders. This is one of the most effective and definite methods to decide the success of any business. 

These loyalty features are proven to increase customer engagement with mobile apps in a number of ways. This has enabled businesses to build a genuine connection with their users through increased sales and user retention. 90% of companies are using this feature right now. 

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Exploring A Wide Range Of Features In Loyalty Programs

A loyalty feature in any loyalty program usually refers to the benefit that is offered to customers as part of the program. Some of the features that increase the impact of this program are below:

  1. Coupons

Uber introduced this coupon for the first time in taxi booking apps which made it a norm now. Loyalty coupons are now part of the How to make cab booking app guides. These coupons are designed to reward their customers or invite them to try out the services of a mobile app for the first time.

  1. Loyalty Card

Loyalty cards are another common feature of mobile app programs to boost engagement. Digital forms of loyalty cards are becoming common nowadays with the technological advancement of the world. This allows users to track their points, access rewards, redeem offers, and get personalized promotions. 

  1. Achievements

Achievements are a type of tracking feature that revolves around completing certain tasks for the members to finally join the loyalty program. There can be many types of tasks like spending levels, activities, habits, etc. that offer extra benefits with the goal of providing a sense of achievement to users.

  1. Catalog

A catalog feature allows users to openly view all the enticing awards and benefits they can achieve and use. This also serves as a chance for mobile apps to showcase their offering to customers through a wide range of options. Loyal members of the mobile app can easily track their awards achieved and left.

  1. QR Codes

QR codes are a popular form of “scan and earn” feature that is currently on the rise in many mobile apps. These barcodes either give some sort of in-app currency or points for any potential reward. These scanning activities allow businesses to increase their user interaction rate with the mobile app.

  1. OCR

OCR which stands for Optical Character Recognition is an automatic feature that allows the app to extract relevant data from the camera of a user. This data includes relevant text, pictures, QR codes, receipts, etc. There are many cosmetic brands that allow this form of loyalty feature through receipts.

  1. Loyalty Tiers

Tiers as the name suggests refer to different levels or tiers of loyalty in customers. This is decided upon their spending, engagement, or other relevant data. Different forms of tiers are designed to provide different types of benefits, rewards, and privileges to their customers and encourage them more.

The Unveiled Benefits Of Loyalty Programs For Mobile Apps

In this digital era, businesses are constantly seeking new ways to enhance their customer engagement and interaction options. Some of the benefits that you can gain through these loyalty apps are:

  • Convenience- These loyalty features provide extreme convenience to customers by eliminating the need for physical cards and stores. Customers can easily track the ways they can earn extra awards and monitor their existing points. 
  • Cost-effective- These digital forms of loyalty features are more cost-effective than traditional forms of loyalty programs. Businesses can save a great deal of money by eliminating printing, production, and distribution that goes into traditional ways. 
  • Gamification- The gamification element of loyalty apps is an extra layer of fun and enjoyment for users. Loyalty programs include multiple interactive features like challenges, tasks, or badges that make users competitive and boost customer participation.
  • Marketing- Loyalty programs are an advanced form of targeted marketing for businesses toward their exact audience base. These programs allow businesses to offer personalized rewards and benefits according to their behavior and preferences. 
  • Multi-channel- Loyalty programs can easily be integrated with other channels such as social media platforms or e-commerce websites. This will help in creating a more cohesive and collaborative experience for users while building a brand presence for businesses.
  • Updates- Unlike physical loyalty cards and coupons, digital loyalty features allow both businesses and users to track the real-time updates of their programs. This way the users will stay informed and engaged with their loyalty programs. 

Final Thoughts

In this competitive world of mobile apps, loyalty programs serve as a way to connect with customers on a more personal level. From convenience to personalization to real-time updates and gamification, the benefits of loyalty programs are unlimited.

Ethan Wilson